These are some of the most common queries customers have. If the answer to your question is not here, please contact us.

A prepaid card is the best alternative to cash. It is a card you can load with the amount of your choice and use with complete freedom until the balance has been used up.

You can use it to shop at any store, just as you would any other card, although some motorways, parking meters and some car rentals firms do not take them. Some of our cards also allow you to withdraw cash at ATMs.

Any person over 14 who has a valid ID and a mobile telephone. The person contracting the card service can ask for it to be issued to him or herself or to other people. Parents, for example, may request one for their children.

Yes, ordering a prepaid card requires a bank account load it for the first time via EPS.

Purchasing a MoneyToPay prepaid card on our website is very simple. Choose the product that best suits your needs from the Which cards do we offer section and select the amount with which you wish to load your card. Complete the form and make the payment through the EPS on-line transfer. In just a few days the prepaid card will be sent to your home, already activated and ready to use. As it is virtual, the MoneyToWeb and the MoneyToEGift card will be displayed on the website at the time of purchase.

Once you have received your prepaid card, there will be no need to activate it. Your card is already activated and ready for use.

On our website in the Top-up section. Enter the number of the card to be topped up, select the amount with which you wish to top up your MoneyToPay prepaid card and select the method to use to reload your card. You can make the payment either by entering the details of the credit or debit card with which you wish to perform the opreation or via EPS. Confirmation and the details of the top-up performed will then appear.

Go to the Movements section. Enter the details of the card to be consulted and a list will appear with the outstanding balance and the movements involving the card.

Never write down your card's secret number (PIN) and try not to associate it with any personal information (date of birth, telephone, etc.) It is also important never to take your eyes off the card in the establishments you shop in. If you lose your card or it is stolen, call +43 (0) 820 – 400037 immediately and we will block it to prevent fraudulent use of it.

The overall annual top-up limit per customer is € 2,500 for reloadable prepaid cards (MoneyToPay and MoneyToWeb) and € 150 for non-reloadable gift cards (MoneyToGift and MoneyToEGift).

Yes, the validity period of the card is stamped on it. Once the card has expired it will no longer work.

The verification code is also known as CVV/CVV2. When you shop on the Internet, you will be asked not only for the standard information (card number and expiry date), but also this code. The CVV/CVV2 is the three-digit code printed on the back of the card beside the space reserved for the signature.

Our prepaid cards are automatically registered for 3D Secure. Whenever you shop online at merchants that support 3D Secure you will receive an one-time password on the mobile phone you entered at the purchase of your prepaid card. If you want to change your mobile phone number later on, please contact us under +43 (0) 820-400037 or

In this case please contact us under service line +43 (0) 820 - 400037.

Global Payments Moneytopay, EDE, S.L. is the issuer, for further details refer to the section Legal Notice.