The funds received for the issue of e-money or for the provision of payment services not associated with said issue, will be deposited in a separate bank account opened at CaixaBank in the name of MoneyToPay. While said funds remain in the separate account, their titleholder will enjoy a right of separation on said account, in accordance with bankruptcy legislation, with regard to possible claims from other creditors of MoneyToPay.

Differences and/or complaints regarding M2P can be submitted to the following address:

•GLOBAL PAYMENTS MONEYTOPAY, EDE, S.L., (MoneyToPay, M2P): Avda. Manoteras, 20 Ed Paris, 28050 Madrid, Spain


It is also possible to contact:

•The Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA): Otto-Wagner-Platz 5, 1090 Vienna,; or
•The Joint Conciliation Board of the Austrian Banking Industry ("Schlichtungsstelle der österreichischen Kreditwirtschaft"): Wiedner Hauptstraße 63, 1045 Vienna.