1. What are Cookies?

The website of GLOBAL PAYMENTS MONEYTOPAY, EDE, S.L. www.moneytopay.com, uses cookies and other files with similar functionality. Cookies are small data files that are sent to the User's computer, cell phone or any other device used to access a website and they allow information to be drawn on your browsing or codes allowing the univocal identification of a user.

2. Purposes of the cookies and third parties / configuring and rejecting cookies


When browsing on this website session cookies are used and persistent cookies are used. These may be own or third-party cookies.

Session cookies are designed to collect and store data while users access a website. They are usually used to store information that is only being stored to provide the service requested by the user on a single occasion.

Persistent cookies are a type of cookies where data remain stored in the terminal and they may be accessed and processed for a given period by the cookie controller. This period may range from a few minutes to several years.

OWN COOKIES: Cookies created or managed by the contoller of the website of GLOBAL PAYMENTS MONEYTOPAY, EDE, S.L. www.moneytopay.com, the website uses persistent own cookies for the following purposes:

  1. These allow you to browse through our website and use the various options or services provided there. With these cookies, for instance, we can control traffic and data communication, identify you during the session, give you access to restricted access areas, and use security elements while you are browsing.
    These allow you to specify or customize some characteristics of the general website options. For instance, you can define the language, the wallpaper, the sections marked as favorites, the browser used to access the service, etc.
    These allow us to monitor and analyze the behaviour of different users on our website in order to incorporate enhancements based on our analyses of the data on the use of products and/or services on our website.

THIRD-PARTY COOKIES: Cookies administrated by providers of technical services, customization, analysis and advertising services from outside GLOBAL PAYMENTS MONEYTOPAY, EDE, S.L.

Below we provide details of the third parties who may configure and access Cookies (not without informing you and securing your consent) in your terminal and of the purposes for which the data stored there are used:

  1. These allow you to browse through our website, platform or application using the various options or services we provide, for instance viewing videos or sharing contents on social media.
    These allow you to customize some of the characteristics of our website (for instance, your language preferences, the number of search results you want to be shown per page, whether you want the Google SafeSearch filter activated, the browser you use to access or the volume options when viewing videos).
    These allow us to monitor and analyze the behaviour of different users on our website in order to incorporate enhancements based on our analyses of the data on the use of products and/or services on our website.
    These allow us to manage the advertising space provided on our website, application or platform based on criteria such as the contents shown or the frequency with which ads are shown.
    Thse cookies store information on user behaviour obtained from their browsing habits. These data allow us to develop a specific profile and show you ads according to your taste and interests.
  1. If you do not accept some of the cookies, you will not be able to access all the information with which we provide you.

    Configure all the cookies by clicking on these buttons:

3. Deactivating or eliminating Cookies.

Most web browsers allow users to manage their preferences on the use of Cookies at any time. Users may adjust their browser so that it may reject Cookies or eliminate certain Cookies according to their criteria.

In order to configure Cookies, Users may access:

  • Google Chrome: Tools → Settings → Advanced → Content Settings → Cookies → Block third-party cookies.

  • Mozilla Firefox: Tools → Options → Privacy & Security → History → Use custom settings for history (untick all the boxes).

  • Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet options → Privacy → Settings for the Internet zone (go up the scrollbar to block all the cookies).

  • Safari: Edit → Preferences → Privacy → Block cookies (select "always").

  • Opera 19: Menu → Settings → Advanced → Privacy and security → Content settings → Cookies section (Select Block third-party cookies).

Users may revoke their consent for the use of cookies on their browser by following the indications given above.

Users must bear in mind that some characteristics of the contents on the website are only available if they allow Cookies to be installed on their browser. www.moneytopay.com If they decide not to accept or if they block certain Cookies (depending on their purpose), this may fully or partially affect the normal functioning of the website or it may prevent access to some of the services provided on the website.


4. Updates and changes in the Cookies Policy.


GLOBAL PAYMENTS MONEYTOPAY, EDE, S.L. may modify this Cookies Policy depending on new legislation or regulatory demands, or for the purpose of adapting the policy to the instructions passed by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Whenever any significant changes are made in this Cookies Policy, it will be communicated to users by means of a notice on our website.